Barefoot Books World Atlas Review

posted on March 22, 2017 by Eve Panzer
Barefoot Books World Atlas

I choose to review the Barefoot Book World Atlas today because it is a great example of a book that can only be appreciated by sharing it in print format. (See the Barefoot Librarian blog post from March 2017. The Barefoot Book World Atlas is a striking, large format hardback. It contains doublepage maps and flaps to open and lift to reveal interesting bits of information.

The Barefoot Book World Atlas looks at the world in a unique way. The book is divided into 20 sections. The first two are “The Story of Our Planet” and “Mapping the World”. Then, there is a double-page section/map for each ocean. For each ocean, information about its Physical Features, Climate and Weather, Natural Resources, Environment, Marine Life and Transport is provided. Each ocean has a “Did you know?” flap to lift with interesting facts. For instance, a quirky fact about the Indian Ocean: “To raise awareness of the threat to low-lying by rising sea levels, the president of the Maldives held the first underwater government meeting in 2009.”

The remaining sections depict the world through a different approach. For example, Asia is divided into the following regions: Southeast Asia, East Asia, North and Central Asia, South Asia, and Southwest Asia. Each section provides the following information about each region: Physical Features, People and Places, Climate and Weather, Land Use and Natural Resources, Environment, Wildlife and Transport. Each region also has a “Did you know?” flap to lift with interesting facts. For instance, a quirky fact about Southeast Asia: “The orangutan is found only in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. Its name means “man of the forest.”

Because there is so much information available about the oceans and regions of the world that cannot be provided in the limits of a book, Barefoot Books has created an app, which is much richer in detailed content. The app also can supply more up-to-date information as the world is changing.

The end of the book includes a glossary, sources and an index of countries and capitals. A nice bonus is the inclusion of a large, colorful map of the world that can be displayed on a wall.

EDUCATOR’S Tips, Correlations, Connections, Resources

IB Themes/Units of Inquiry:  Who We Are: Culture; How the World Works: Weather, Physical World – Water; Who We Are in place and time: Geography and geographic characteristics; Animals

Geography: Mapping

*Barefoot Books World Atlas
Author: Nick Crane
Illustrator: David Dean
Publisher: Barefoot Books
Publication Date: 2011
*Price: 19.95
Ages: 4 up

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