Doley the Guatemalan Street Dog: The Sounds of San Marcos (English and Spanish Edition)

posted on April 25, 2017 by Eve Panzer

Through luminous artwork by Marcio Diaz and lyrical text, author Jill Brazier recounts a fictional account of her real life relationship with Doley, a Guatemalan street dog, while living and working in this region of the world. Told from the dog’s point of view, the story immerses the reader into the daily life of the village of San Marcos through sounds. The exquisite artwork gives the reader a visual peek as well. The importance of listening to sounds to learn about the world around you, as well as the importance of listening to the people in your life are the central messages of this beautiful book.

EDUCATOR’S Tips, Correlations, Connections, Resources

IB Themes/Units of Inquiry:

  • Who We Are: My Home; My Country and Culture.
  • Where We Are In Place and Time: Personal Travel
  • How We Express Ourselves: Our Five Senses.
  • How the World Works: Buildings.
  • How We Organize Ourselves: Modes of transportation.
  • Sharing the Planet: Relationship of Humans and Animal Kingdom.

IB Attributes: Commitment; Cooperation; Respect, Responsibility.

Bilingual: English/Spanish

Social Studies: Geography; village life in Guatemala; modes of transportation (ferry); homes (tree house); culture (music).

Science/Nature: Sense of sound; animals; insects; plants; volcanoes.

Emotional Intelligence: Friendship; caring for one another; listening to others.

Resources: Bilingual Teacher guide “…developed according to the National Common Core Standards (K-2 Literacy)…” (Available as a separate purchase.)


Title: Doley The Guatemalan Street Dog: The Sounds of San Marcos
Author: Jill Brazier
Illustrator: Marcio Diaz
Publisher: Artworkz
Format: Paperback
*Price: $11.95
Ages: K – 3rd Grade
Genre: Fiction – picture book bilingual English/Spanish 

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