Eve Panzer was a part of the Texas IB Schools Fall Events where she spoke to IB educators and shared her books as part of an Expo:

Texas International Baccalaureate Schools

Fall Coordinator Meeting and Seminar
October 16-17, 2015 in Austin

Texas IB Fall Conference and Seminar
Met so many wonderful IB Educators!

Texas International Baccalaureate Schools

Spring Coordinator Meeting & Seminar

February 2016 (Exact dates TBD)
Dallas Area

Book Fairs where Eve has hand-selected books to fit the teachers’ preferences and schools’ curriculums

Lupine Lane

Monday October 19
Tuesday October 20
Wednesday October 21
Thursday October 22

Lucy Read Elementary Literacy Night

Thursday October 22

Wee Wisdom School Unity Church of the Hills

Saturday October 24
Sunday October 25
Monday October 26
Tuesday October 27

Escuelita del Alma

Friday October 30

St. David’s Episcopal Day School

Tuesday November 3
Wednesday November 4
Thursday November 5

Athena Montessori Academy

Friday November 6
Monday November 9
Tuesday November 10
Wednesday November 11

International School of Texas

Monday November 16
Tuesday November 17
Wednesday November 18
Thursday November 19

Austin International School

Monday December 14 – Thursday December 17

Raves & Praise from educators and readers about Eve Panzer, the Barefoot Librarian:

Eve, the Barefoot Librarian has done a wonderful job at hand-selecting books for my three children, ages 3.5, 4.5 and 7. She considered their interests and reading levels in her selection of 23 titles. Some are bi-lingual, which is ideal since they are learning Spanish and English at the same time. All of the books are beautiful and some come with audio CDs, which they love listening to while having the book on their lap as we commute to school. What a wonderful way to get new books!

-Sharon M., Parent