Barefoot Librarian February 2019 Newsletter

posted on February 28, 2019 by Eve Panzer

Barefoot Librarian is offering a new service!

I am excited to announce a new partnership with Reader Review Kids. Barefoot Librarian and Reader Views Kids are joining forces to bring picture book authors a special book review and publicity package offer: The Librarian Picture Book Publicity Package.

If you a picture book author or an aspiring author this is the perfect way to get your book in front of your target audience! Your book will be reviewed by the Barefoot Librarian, with my decades of experience with children’s literature and working with educators and librarians. Your book review and book will be publicized by Reader Views and Barefoot Librarian on all our social media platforms, our newsletters and the First Chapter Plus eCatalog (which goes to thousands of Libraries, Bookstores, Media, Reviewers, Bloggers and Readers). The Barefoot Librarian followers include librarians, school principals and directors, educators (many from Montessori and International Baccalaureate programs), homeschoolers, and parents.

Please click HERE to read all of the details. Please contact me at if you would like to customize this package to fit your needs.

Below is my first book review published in partnership with Reader View Kids!

100 Things written and illustrated by Cindy Helms

The 100th Day of school is a commonly celebrated milestone for young elementary students. However, in the book 100 Things author/illustrator Cindy Helms has taken a new twist on the theme making it fresh and fun as well as educational. This book can be used to introduce and teach concepts including math, telling time, building vocabulary, building confidence and self-esteem, overcoming fears, and encouraging creativity and imagination.

The main character is very relate-able and provides opportunities to discuss universal feelings children experience. The book opens with a boy in his classroom thinking about his 100th Day homework assignment for the next day. As he rides the bus home, the enormity of the assignment begins to overwhelm him, “100 things!? That number is so huge!” Like many kids, he begins to fret over how to start the process. However, as soon as he enters the house, his cat immediately sparks his imagination, and the boy becomes absorbed in his task. He sees more and more possibilities, a good mix of commonplace objects such as “…button, paper clips, labels for a jar, rubber bands, marbles…” juxtaposed with creative ones such as “The ants on my farm that are all dead. Crazy monsters hiding under my bed.” But once again he becomes overwhelmed by all the choices available to him. He uses his deep calming breaths to quell his anxiety.

To see my entire review click on the title: 100 Things

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Raves & Praise from educators and readers about Eve Panzer, the Barefoot Librarian:

Eve, the Barefoot Librarian has done a wonderful job at hand-selecting books for my three children, ages 3.5, 4.5 and 7. She considered their interests and reading levels in her selection of 23 titles. Some are bi-lingual, which is ideal since they are learning Spanish and English at the same time. All of the books are beautiful and some come with audio CDs, which they love listening to while having the book on their lap as we commute to school. What a wonderful way to get new books!

-Sharon M., Parent