My Chickens Lay Eggs

posted on February 27, 2019 by Eve Panzer

My Chickens Lay Eggs written and illustrated by Sherry Crelin

I had the privilege of reviewing My Chickens Lay Eggs written and illustrated by Sherry Crelin. This book is a fine example of what is called creative non-fiction. This relatively new genre weaves facts into a story that will engage readers. I am a huge fan of creative non-fiction because it makes learning so fun!

This book is the full package. A wonderful combination of facts, fun story, and a relatable narrator. The book delivers important messages in a non-preachy way. The illustrations are cheerful, colorful, and endearing – reminding me very much of the pictures in the Amelia Bedelia book series.

On the first page, we are introduced to the narrator, 4-and-a-half-year-old Jenny. She used to help her mother buy eggs at the grocery. But she explains that now she has chickens at home that lay eggs. Jenny goes on to share the story of how her family got the chickens as babies and built them a chicken coop. Jenny gives a tour of the coop and talks about how her family cares for the chickens. The story ends when Jenny’s father “…. cooks special eggs for breakfast.”

There are so many layers to this book. First, an engaging story with a charming narrator. The reader is given lessons on what is involved in deciding to adopt chickens into their family. Details are provided on how to care for the chickens. This provides an opportunity to discuss responsibility and commitment. The story models “…responsible animal care…”. And the benefits of raising chickens include not only delicious eggs for your family but also keeping the world sustainable.

There are also STEAM connections to be made with this book. Building a chicken coop provides opportunities to introduce technology, engineering, and math concepts. This is a great book for starting conversations about food sources. The author gives many facts about chicks and chickens such as what they eat and how the mother hen takes care of her eggs. In addition, at the end of the book, the author includes fun facts about chickens such as they have three eyelids and no teeth.

Raising chickens requires a lot of preplanning, research, and commitment. The author takes this responsibility seriously. She devotes an entire page at the end of the book to offer considerations to weigh before adopting chickens.

I highly recommend Sherry Crelin’s book My Chickens Lay Eggs. This delightful new offering has so many educational and engaging aspects and is sure to become a favorite with parents, educators, and librarians. This book hit it out of the ballpark for me!

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